2020 Annual General Meeting deferred to 30th November

19 November 2020
COVID 19 has had many impacts on business's, individuals, clubs and other's and Chelsea FNC has been effected significantly as well.

The cancellation of  the 2020 Football Season meant that 80/90% of The Club's normal trading activities did not occur. This obviously impacted heavily, but thankfully The Club was still able to scratch out a small profit for the year. 

How to hold the 2020 AGM has also been a challenge, because the cancellation of the season meant that no memberships were taken out, leaving only our Life Members elligible to vote under the Rules of The Association. 

With our Life Members scattered far and wide, it is almost certain that from that group we cannot expect enough of them to attend in person to form a quorum at The AGM.

So our solution for the 2020 AGM is firstly to defer it from the scheduled date of 22nd November and then to hold the meeting using remote access tools. Notices will be sent to members shortly confirming this and the schedule date for completion of the AGM will now be 30th November 2020. 

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